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Hi there
Want to know about us? Should have called but it’s alright to be lazy !

We are a teen modeling agency located in Bandra, Mumbai

“Cast Youth” scouts, grooms and represents teen and fresh talents from colleges across Mumbai, Hence, forming a direct link between the talent and the industry.

We have the reputation of being the only agency in Mumbai who constantly discovers  new and untouched talent with strong potential for the modelling and acting industry.

In order to give our kids exposure and to get them closer to their ambition, We help them kickstart their career at a young age, Yeah we guide them and sympathize with their whining and nakhras, but it’s worth in the end.

The individuality of each model and actor is identified and respected. “Cast Youth” works very closely with it’s talents and their families to nurture and educate and mould their kids carefully  into crazy workaholics and total goodlooking freaks. We also tell them about the industry and lend moral and emotional support often acting as a safeguard and a guide, as they progress in their total development.

The company opened in summer of 2018 and is also a contractor  of teen models and actors to the regional and international marketplaces for all areas of the industry including runway models, print models for all areas of advertising, promotional models and actors for films, television theatre and digital.

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